A Taboo, Why-Choose Romance


My boyfriend wants to share me with his dad.


I don't think Nathan is serious until he offers for his dad to come watch... and then join us.


I’m quickly becoming addicted. I can’t get enough of what the two of them do to me.


I'm falling into the deep end, and I don’t want to ever come back up.


But when the night is over, will we go our separate ways, or will we find a way to make things work? Because I can no longer choose one or the other. I won't choose.


Because I want them both.


**Please read the trigger warnings before reading this book.**

She's finally found her place in the world, but how fast can four brothers destroy the peace she's found?

Zane - the moody CEO.
Pierce - the quiet CFO.
Leland - the soothing President.
Hudson - the teasing Vice President.

Sleeping with the CFO was a mistake--one she made in the dark, but she knows will come to light.

Quinn tenders her resignation, hoping to head off the trouble ahead. Only the brothers won't have it.

Quinn is theirs, and it's high time she realizes it.

**This book is also published on Kindle Vella. The storyline is the same.

An MFM Why Choose Romance

We shouldn't want her like this. But when my divorce is finalized, there's nothing standing in our way of obtaining her.

And we're taking the first opportunity we're given.

A weekend in the mountains is the perfect way to make her ours.

With nothing but nature surrounding us for miles, there should be no distractions.

I'm just hoping she accepts both of us for the long-term and doesn't pin this down to one wild weekend.

Because if she does... I'm not sure if we'll survive the pain of losing her.