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Alpha's Claim: A Wolf Shifter Romance [EBOOK]

An arranged marriage.
Sindy could almost laugh if she wasn't so used to her mother's antics by now.
But what no one is expecting, certainly not Sindy, is for the man she's arranged to marry to be a werewolf - and an alpha at that.
He's determined to save every last piece of Sindy's soul.
But she's not sure if there's anything left to save.

**does end in a sort-of cliffhanger.**

Demon's Claim: A Demon Shifter Romance [EBOOK]

**Please note: this book is better enjoyed and understood if you read Alpha's Claim first.**

I've always known I was different.
And as I got older, my different became deadly - so much so, that the king of demons himself had to come keep watch over me.
When I lose control and almost attack those I hold dear, I know my time on Earth is done.
The King of Demons is taking me home.

Wolf's Claim: A Wolf Shifter Romance [EBOOK]

When I first lay eyes on my mate, she's stripping in my club.
Immediately, I vow to claim her.
But when my
unmated little mate goes into heat unexpectedly, I know something is wrong.
And I'm right.
She's been cursed by a witch, destined to spend the rest of her days being tortured and used.
But not if I have anything to do with it.
You don't mess with my mate and live to tell the tale.
Once she's under my protection, I'm going out for revenge.

**The characters in this book have NOTHING to do with the characters from Alpha's Claim and Demon's Claim. This book is written as a standalone and is meant to be read as such.**

Rogue's Claim: A Wolf Shifter Romance [EBOOK]

When a wolf comes scratching at my back door with a bleeding, injured leg, I should have been wary. Normal wolves don't do things like that.
But I let him in anyway.
Turns out, he's no normal wolf.
He's a shifter.
And he's claiming I'm his mate.

**This book has nothing to do with the first three books in the series. It is written as a standalone and meant to be read as one.**

Claim Series Omnibus - Full Series Collection [EBOOK]

All 4 books in the Claim Series in one!