Standalone Romances


He set the rules. Employees are not allowed to date.

But if there's one thing I know about Joseph Russo, it's that he'll bend and break any rule he needs to get what he wants.

And he wants me.

Brandon had it rough growing up, and he acted out, becoming known as the town's bad boy.

But becoming a single father changed his entire life around, yet his reputation still keeps him dragged through the mud despite him doing everything he can to prove that he's a changed man.

But when Amy pops up in his way - quite literally - can things finally begin looking up for him?

**This is a short story. It is meant to be a quick read.**

Amber knew she wasn't supposed to be sneaking into the bar with her friends, but she was never one for following the rules.

And going to bed with a random person afterward? Even worse.

So, what happens when she wakes up the next morning and the first person she sees is her English professor?

**Meant to be a short story. Ends in HEA.**

A Standalone, Short Romantic Comedy

Getting pulled over for speeding--especially as fast as I was going--was anyone's nightmare. And desperate to get out of a speeding ticket that might not only get my license revoked, get me sent to jail, or get my car impounded, I lied.

I told the biggest lie my brain could conjure up.

I told the officer my pregnant wife was in labor and panicking, and I was rushing to get to her side. Mind you, I'm single--can't even remember the last time I had a girlfriend--and I sure as hell don't have a baby on the way.

The officer--not believing me--followed me to the hospital where I hoped and prayed I could find someone willing to let me use them to stay out of trouble.

And that was how I met Macie.

**This is a short, instalove novelette.

Forbidden Age Gap Girl-Next-Door Romance


He's thirteen years older than me, and the fact that he's interested in me should be a red flag. And it would be... if I wasn't absolutely infatuated with him, too.


We're sneaking around behind my parents' back while I'm on break from college, but Jenson is territorial and possessive. He wants me all to himself. Which means he doesn't want to keep hiding.


And when he gives me that ultimatum, will I finally be open about what we're doing, or will I let my fear end everything between us?