Silent Truths - Enemies to Lovers Rockstar Romance [EBOOK]

One night turned us from best friends to enemies.

Since the moment we met, Salem has been burrowed beneath my skin so deeply, I can’t breathe without feeling his presence.

But getting that record deal and spending a drunken night in a bar ruined everything between us.

I lost Salem. My rock. The only person–the only thing–capable of grounding me to the earth.

Somehow, we make this band thing work with our friends. Somehow, we fake it all for social media and for the fans. But behind closed doors where the rest of the world can’t see, we’re at each other’s throats or pretending everything we used to have never existed.

Until I do the stupid thing. Until I succumb to the pain of losing him and do something out of character. Something that scares Salem.

Now, he wants to fix things. But I think it’s too late. Too much damage has been done. There’s a trench dug between us, and we’re standing on opposite sides.

Can Salem repair everything we broke, or are we going to lose each other forever?