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Claimed By My Boss: Forbidden Office Romance [EBOOK]


He set the rules. Employees are not allowed to date.

But if there's one thing I know about Joseph Russo, it's that he'll bend and break any rule he needs to get what he wants.

And he wants me.

The Bad Boy's Secret: Single Dad Romance [EBOOK]

Brandon had it rough growing up, and he acted out, becoming known as the town's bad boy.

But becoming a single father changed his entire life around, yet his reputation still keeps him dragged through the mud despite him doing everything he can to prove that he's a changed man.

But when Amy pops up in his way - quite literally - can things finally begin looking up for him?

His Student: Student/ Teacher Romance [EBOOK]

Amber knew she wasn't supposed to be sneaking into the bar with her friends, but she was never one for following the rules.

And going to bed with a random person afterward? Even worse.

So, what happens when she wakes up the next morning and the first person she sees is her English professor?

How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket: Single Mom RomCom [EBOOK]

A Standalone, Short Romantic Comedy

Getting pulled over for speeding--especially as fast as I was going--is anyone's nightmare. And desperate to get out of a speeding ticket that might not only get my license revoked, get me sent to jail, or get my car impounded, I lie.
I tell the biggest lie my brain can conjure up.
I tell the officer that my pregnant wife is in labor and panicking, and I'm rushing to get to her side. Mind you, I'm single--can't even remember the last time I had a girlfriend--and I sure as hell don't have a baby on the way.
The officer--not believing me--followed me to the hospital where I hope and pray I can find someone willing to let me use them to stay out of trouble.
When I find a pregnant woman alone and clearly in pain, will she help me, or will she laugh in my face and tell the officer to arrest me?