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Apple Pie - Best Friends to Lovers Romance [EBOOK]

A Short, Spicy MM Romance
Being in love with your best friend may seem like the end of the world...
For Noah and Lincoln, sometimes, it does. Yet it's never kept them from always sticking together.
But after four years apart due to Lincoln's military career, Lincoln's tired of just being Noah's friend--he wants more.
He wants to make Noah his baby boy.
Has Lincoln waited too long to make a move, or will Noah welcome him home with open arms?

Pumpkin Pie - DDlb Military Romance [EBOOK]

A Short MM Romance
Rip's just rolled into town, coming to visit his grandmother for the Thanksgiving holiday before heading for his next duty station in Germany. But when he steps foot into the twenty-four-hour diner in town and lands his eyes on Asa, his trip changes course.
Because now, the only thing on his mind is claiming the sweet, bratty boy as his own.
Can he stake a claim before his time to leave comes around?

Pecan Pie - Second Chance Romance [EBOOK]

A Short MM Romance
Taking part in a one-night-stand when you were told it wasn’t going to be one was bound to turn any guy bitter.
And it turned Shea bitter as hell.
So, when Buckley shows back up in town, wanting to pick up back where they left off, Shea wants no part of it.
Buckley is determined to prove that there was a lot of miscommunication, but Shea doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to do so.
What happens when everything Shea thought happened actually didn't happen at all?