Saints & Sinners MC

He's married . . . forbidden . . .

I've always been insanely attracted to the club president.

But as a club woman, I'm not on his radar.

I shouldn't even
wish to be on his radar since he's married.

But when he decides I'm to be his fun for the night, I can't say no.

Trigger Warnings: more smut than plot, cheating on wife with FMC, slut shaming

I'm done playing games . . . Tanner is mine.

Tanner and I have been dancing around each other for months now.

And I'm done playing this game with her.

I'm claiming her as my old lady. I don't care what stands in our way.

And if she doesn't like it . . .

Well, she no longer has a choice.

Trigger warnings: breath play, sexual punishment, controlling possessive ott MMC