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Sweetie McFreeze - Second Chance Romance [EBOOK]

I’ll be back for you. I promise. Just give me time.
Chiara had her heart broken six years ago by the guy she thought would be her forever.
He broke up with her and left for the military, leaving the broken pieces of her behind.
Now, she's angry.
And when he shows up on her doorstep on Christmas Eve, sparks will fly.
But her rage might just be burning the hottest.

Candy Popsicle - Enemies to Lovers Romance [EBOOK]

“Been dreaming of a moment like this since I laid eyes on you.”

It's Christmas - the most magical time of year.

When Holly and her hot, yet very aggravating, neighbor are caught in a snow storm together, they're both about to find out just how magical Christmas can be.

It might even be hotter than fireworks at midnight on New Year Day.

Vanilla Rum-Balls - Friends to Lovers Romance [EBOOK]

"Who knew you held such dirty little secrets?"
Natasha was always known as one of the guys.
So, it made sense she would assume her best friend, Ryder, only saw her as such.
But when her blind date is actually with Ryder, she's about to find out he's always seen her as anything
but one of the guys.
Christmas brings miracles, and Natasha is about to find out just how big of a miracle it can bring.

Naughty Star - MFM Why Choose Romance [EBOOK]

“Two men, baby girl. Open the door. We’re here to make all your Christmas wishes come true.”
It's Christmas - the time of year miracles happen.
And Star is about to realize just how true that is.
When she receives a prank call from "Santa", she plays along, not thinking it could very well be something similar to the real thing.
But she's about to find out just how real it is.
Because now, she's got two hot men standing on her porch, and they're ready to make all of her Christmas wishes come true.

Christmas Love Omnibus - Full Series Collection [EBOOK]

All 4 books in the Christmas Love Series in one!