Criminally Yours

An MM Sports Romance

Pistol Cage hasn't had it easy - neglectful parents, loss of his football scholarship, and his college career down the drain.

And now, he's spending time behind bars.

Bryce Cutler never knew what happened to him after the fateful day that Pistol was forced to walk off the football field. He searched, but he couldn't ever find him.

Six years later, Pistol finally writes Bryce, letting him know where he's been all these years, finally ready to make things right with at least one person in his life.

But after everything Bryce went out of his way to do for him and then having Pistol ghost him, is Bryce willing to let Pistol back in? Or has Pistol lost the one person that was once always on his side?

Dear Pollux,
My sister was supposed to write you, but she flaked out, so I’m writing to say someone is thinking of you out here. I don’t know what you did—or anything about you, to tell the truth. That’s okay. We can still be pen pals. I hope this finds you well. Be safe. Bexley

From the first letter she writes, Bexley is the only ray of light in Pollux’s slate gray life. He hasn’t seen her, but with every word they exchange, he knows. She is his, and somehow soon, he’s going to have her in his arms and keep her there. Even the prison bars he’s behind won’t stop him. With every letter he writes her, he’s penning promises between the lines. Promises he will keep, even if he has to die trying.

Blurb to come!

Blurb to come!