Sizzle Beach Summer

A Reverse Age Gap, Single Mom, Summer Romance

At twenty-three, I lost everything. My husband. My love for life. My will to live.

All I had left was my beautiful baby boy.

Somehow, I picked up the pieces of myself and my life, and I moved to Sizzle Beach, the one place I was hoping I would still find happiness.

The moment my toes touched the sand, I sat on the ground, clutching Alex on my lap, and I cried. I cried because I still had something in this world that brought me peace.

With my dad's help, I bought a small house and turned the front half into a bookstore, leaving the back half as my house.

Seven years later, I've mostly found my footing. Every day still hurts, but I'm living.

But it's not until Slater--a sinfully hot lifeguard--dances into my life that my soul lights on fire again.

He's sweet, kind, and so good with Alex. He makes me burn inside in a way my husband never had.

I may have been drowning in the deep end, but Slater is about to pull my head above the water.

Trigger warnings: military casualty

An enemies to lovers, second chance romance

I find refuge in the water. I find peace in the sand beneath my feet.

All of that is threatened when
he shows up to work with me for the day.

I haven't seen the victim of my bullying, Harlow, since we graduated high school.

I've grown up a lot. Matured even more. And seeing him floods me with guilt.

I don't want to work with him. Can't face what I've done every single day.

The thing is, Chief isn't going to let our past keep us from working together, and he's made it clear there will be consequences if either of us fights this.

I figured I could just ignore him and go home each day. Maybe soon, Chief would partner us up with someone else.

Yet everything changes when I witness him almost get hit by an out-of-control bicycle. He looks at me like I hold the answers to world peace in my eyes and in my touch.

I'm not sure what's going to happen to us, but despite our past, I can't bring myself to stay away.

I need to find out what's going on with Harlow.

I just hope he'll let me make everything right, even if I don't deserve the opportunity.