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Hating You - Enemies to Lovers Bully Romance [EBOOK]

New school. New Hell. New bully.

Samuel has barely been at school a day when the resident bad boy makes it known how much he hates Samuel.

He’s determined to make Samuel’s life hell.

But what he doesn’t know about Samuel is that he gives as good as he gets. And Hunter Reil might have finally met his match. Because Samuel’s not going down easy.

If there's one thing Samuel's good at, it's fighting. And he'll fight back until he literally can't fight anymore.

All His Touches - DDlb Romance [EBOOK]

Standalone DDlb Romance
Forrest never realized what he was missing out on until he walked into a hair salon to get his hair and beard cut for his best friend’s wedding.
Brayden, the sweet boy with beautiful curls and blue eyes, sucked the air right from his lungs.
Forrest never wasted a moment claiming Brayden as his boy, despite his own aversion to being touched due to trauma. But when Brayden looked at him with those big, blue eyes, Forrest knew he would drop to his knees and give him anything he wanted.
But maybe their time is going to be cut too short.
Laid up in the hospital, wondering if he’s going to live or die, suddenly Forrest is full of regrets. And one of those biggest regrets is not giving his sweet boy everything he needs.

Criminally Scandalous - Friends to Lovers Sports Romance [EBOOK]

An MM Sports Romance
Pistol Cage hasn't had it easy - neglectful parents, loss of his football scholarship, and his college career down the drain.
And now, he's spending time behind bars.
Bryce Cutler never knew what happened to him after the fateful day that Pistol was forced to walk off the football field. He searched, but he couldn't ever find him.
Six years later, Pistol finally writes Bryce, letting him know where he's been all these years, finally ready to make things right with at least one person in his life.
But after everything Bryce went out of his way to do for him and then having Pistol ghost him, is Bryce willing to let Pistol back in? Or has Pistol lost the one person that was once always on his side?