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Ticket to Love: Sapphic Romance (EBOOK)

An FF Christmas Romance
Getting pulled over on Christmas Eve isn't what Regina wants to deal with. She just wants to go home, make some red and green pudding, and maybe get in a couple of Christmas movies.
But when she realizes who is pulling her over, suddenly, Regina doesn't mind so much anymore.
Because Sailor Baxter is a sinfully hot woman, and they've been dancing around each other for a while now.
So, when Sailor makes her a deal to get her out of her ticket, Regina snags it with both hands.

Officer Kink: Sapphic Romance (EBOOK)

A Short FF Christmas Romance
Working on Christmas Eve isn't something anyone wants to do, much less Avalon. But when she's called out for a noise ordinance, she knows she's got to check it out, though she can probably place money on it that it's just some grumpy old person being a Grinch.
Though, what she
doesn't expect when she gets there is to find Senna wrapped up in Christmas lights, unable to get herself loose.
... And she's just confessed to Avalon that being trapped in Christmas lights has always been one of her fantasies.
It might cold outside, but inside? It's sizzling.

Cuff Me, Baby: Sapphic Romance (EBOOK)

A Short FF Christmas Romance
When all the flights are canceled and Mavis is stuck at home for the Christmas holidays, she decides getting drunk on wine and contemplating her feelings for her best friend are the way to go.
...Until she sends a
very risque text to said friend... that includes a picture.
Mavis has either started something amazing, or she's just destroyed her relationship with her best friend, hence making this the worst Christmas ever.
But when Teagan agrees, Mavis just prays everything doesn't change for the worst.