Perfectly Imperfect

A Standalone MM Romance

I made his life hell when we were younger--mere kids trying to make it through high school.

I never forgot about him. How could I when I'd secretly wanted him but had been too afraid to come out of the closet?

Two years later though, I discover he lives right across the hall from me. And I take it as a sign that I need to do something.

So, I make us a casserole and go knock on his door. But I'm not expecting the mess that he is when he opens it.

Cove is barely holding himself together. The pieces of his soul are scattering into the wind.

I'm picking them all up, but will Cove let me close enough to allow me to glue him back together again after everything I did to him in the past?

Standalone MM Best Friends to Lovers Hockey Romance

Being in unrequited love with my best friend isn't easy, but that doesn't stop me from doing everything I can to ensure he's happy and always feels safe, especially when flashbacks, panic attacks, and mental lows are part of his everyday life.

I'm the only person he feels safe with.

So, when his ex starts spreading rumors about him, I'm quick to do everything I can to bat those rumors away. To protect him from the nastiness of it all.

Which means I almost kiss him.


Because I’m not the one who completes that kiss—

He is.

I'm not sure what that kiss means for us, but I can't deny that I'm hopeful and silently begging for a chance to be with him.

Here's to hoping we didn't mess up the friendship that I know he needs.