"Sweet as f*ck"

Daydreaming of Cooper Blackstone was something Elizabeth was good at . . .

But what happens when her daydreaming becomes a reality?

**this is a one-shot. Approx 2k words.**

Cassie was months behind on rent, and though her old landlord had been extremely nice and lenient with her, Cassie had a feeling his son wouldn't be the same.

But what if she's able to come to an agreement with him, one that benefited them

**This is a quick, steamy erotica, meaning there is no plot and it is pure smut.**

Rosie is a straight-A student and isn't one for getting distracted in class.

But she's never had a professor like Thaddeus Rourke.

So what happens when she's caught distracted and is ordered to meet him in his office?

**This is an erotica--pure smut. There is no plot. No P into the V either.**