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Rough as the Sea: A Pirate Erotica [EBOOK]

"Sweet as f*ck"

Daydreaming of Cooper Blackstone was something Elizabeth was good at . . .

But what happens when her daydreaming becomes a reality?

Her New Landlord: Landlord/Lessee Erotica [EBOOK]

Cassie was months behind on rent, and though her old landlord had been extremely nice and lenient with her, Cassie had a feeling his son wouldn't be the same.

But what if she's able to come to an agreement with him, one that benefited them

On the Couch: Student/Teacher Erotica [EBOOK]

Rosie is a straight-A student and isn't one for getting distracted in class.

But she's never had a professor like Thaddeus Rourke.

So what happens when she's caught distracted and is ordered to meet him in his office?

Miss Hartford: Neighbor Erotica [EBOOK]

When she's locked out of her house, he picks her lock so she can get in.


As soon as they're in close proximity to each other, the sparks between them ignite.


Will he finally get to experience what it's like to be with his extremely hot neighbor?